The Flat Penny Bar and Grill
Berlin, MA

Food and Drink

The Flat Penny offers great food at friendly prices. 

Click the links below to view our menus.  We update them on a regular basis.  And don't forget to check out our daily specials on the board as you come in.

We are introducing a new Hamburger Menu click below to check it out.

We offer a great menu every day for lunch and dinner.  

You can also place an order to go.

  • To Go Menu

    Thirsty?  The Flat Penny has a full bar.  Ask your bartender about the special drink of the day.  We also carry a fine selection of beers, including those listed below.  We change our draft beer selections frequently!

    On Tap:

    Bass Stella Blue Mooon Long Hammer IPA
    Wachusett Country Sam Adams Sierra Nevada Bud Bud Lite

    In Bottles:

    Corona Corona Lite Heineken Heineken Lite Amstel Lite
    Michelob Ultra Bud Bud Lite Bud Lime ODouls
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